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What is ammo?

Ammunition is a term used to describe the chemical components required for shooting a gun. This includes the casing, bullet, primer, and gunpowder. Ammunition is often referred to as “loaded ammo” if it is in a state where it is ready to be fired from a gun.

‍what is green tip ammo?

Green tip ammo is a type of 5.56/.223 ammunition that was used in the Vietnam War. Because it was penetrating foliage and hitting enemy soldiers, the US military changed the tip color to a bright green to indicate the danger. Because of the controversy around the green tip, the military has stopped using it entirely. The green tip is therefore only available in military surplus. It is possible to buy green tip ammo online. As a result of the controversy, many online ammunition sellers have stopped carrying green-tip ammunition. If you do find green tip ammo, it is likely to be much more expensive than other types of 5.56/.223 rounds because of the demand and rarity.

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We have all sorts of ammo in stock from differents calibers like 9mm ammo, 10mm ammo, 45 acp ammo, 40 s&w ammo and from op famous brands like Hornady, Federal, Winchester, Remoington etc.

Types of Ammunition

  • Rifle Rounds – Rifle ammunition is a type of ammunition mainly used in bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles. Rifle ammunition is often used for hunting and shooting competitions like the biathlon. Rifle rounds come in a wide variety of calibers, bullet weights, and bullet types.
  • Shotgun Rounds – Shotgun ammunition is a variety of shells used in shotguns. Shotgun rounds are usually either shot (small pellets) or slugs.
  • Handgun Rounds – Handgun ammunition is a type of ammunition used in semi-automatic pistols. Handgun rounds are generally smaller than rifle ammunition and have less impact on accuracy than rifle ammunition.

Bullet Types

  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) – Full metal jacket bullets are one of the most popular types of bullets. They are made from a copper jacket with a lead core.
  • Soft Point – Soft point bullets are similar to full metal jacket bullets. The only difference is soft point bullets have an exposed lead tip.
  • Hollow Point – Hollow point bullets are designed for hunting and self-defense. The hollow tip is designed to expand upon hitting a target or barrier.
  • Armor Piercing – Armor-piercing bullets are specially designed to pierce through a variety of materials. The armor-piercing tip is usually made of steel or tungsten.

How long does ammo last?

The shelf life of a box of ammunition depends on several factors. The first factor is the type of ammunition. For example, a box of shotgun shells will last longer than a box of rifle cartridges. The second factor is the storage conditions of the ammunition. The best way to store your ammunition is in a cool, dry area with low humidity. You can also purchase ammo cans to seal your ammunition from the elements.

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